NEW! Kooduu Lite-up Play 2.0 Mini | SOUND BY JBL speaker lamps

Kooduu Lite-up Play Mini 2.0 | SOUND BY JBL

portable lamp

Lite-up 2.0

The Lite-up is a unique Danish Design and portable LED lamp with 4 warm white light intensities settings. The built-in battery is rechargeable and last for more than 40 hrs. Available in 4 trendy colors.

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Portable lamp with small Bluetooth Speaker

Lite-up PLAY Mini 2.0

The new Lite-up Play Mini 2.0 | SOUND BY JBL - is a beautiful and highly compact speaker lamp that combines exceptional mood lighting design with JBL sound quality. This portable speaker lamp is available in 4 different colors

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Portable lamp with large Bluetooth Speaker

Lite-up PLAY 2.0

The new Lite-up Play 2.0 | SOUND BY JBL - is a stunning speaker lamp that seamlessly blends captivating mood lighting with exceptional JBL sound quality. So start the party with your favorite soundtracks in high-fidelity sound, thanks to the remarkable JBL audio technology

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NEW! Kooduu Lite-up Play 2.0 | SOUND BY JBL

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The Sensa is a sophisticated, timeless table lamp that's perfect for crafting an iconic look in any interior. It serves as a great bed-side table lamp, dining room light, or as a task-lamp for your desk.

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The Fokus is a convenient, rechargeable desk lamp that can be dimmed continuously to suit any activity or mood. This sophisticated addition to any home decor comes with a USB charging dock for effortless recharging.

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The Loome is a highly portable lantern style table lamp with diffused, continuously dimmable light. Its carrying handle makes it easy to transport, and with a USB charging dock and up to 40 hours of battery life, you won't need to recharge it regularly.

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