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At Kooduu we create unique, Nordic inspired products that bring people together. We have Dutch and Danish roots and were founded in 2017
on the basis of togetherness, happiness, positive ambiance, coziness, innovation and putting a smile on people’s faces.  Our products are the perfect companion for any social event, such as a summer barbecue, indoor family gatherings, picnics in the park or a romantic evening for two on the couch.

On this page you can download all you need for promoting and reselling Kooduu in your website, webshop, and social media channels.

Studio images

Set the mood with the 2021 Kooduu collection pictures: products on context.

Download here

Product Images

Give a clear impression with high-resolution product shots:
products on white background.  

Become a reseller:

The Kooduu reseller program is open for everybody who wants to resell our products on- and/or offline. We supply to small, medium, and large businesses.
Register your interest in the resellers form and we will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

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Lifestyle Images 

Inspire people to pause, be present and enjoy their lives with the ones they love with the Kooduu 2021 collection lifestyle pictures.

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Catalogues, brochures & collection book

Click on the images to download the Kooduu 2021 Collection BOOK
in your preferred language and learn more about Kooduu, our products, and get inspired by some of our favorite shots.

For a short and quick overview of the Kooduu products, download the Kooduu 2021 bifold BROCHURE. 

2021 Collection book

2021 Collection book: English

2021 Collection book: Francais

2021 Collection book: Nederlands

2021 Collection book: Deutsch

Collection bifold

2021 Collection brochure: English

2021 Collection brochure: Deutsch

2021 Collection brochure: Francais

Download User Manuals  

Click on the image of the product to download its User Manual. Have a question that is not answered here?
Visit our FAQ’s page or contact our customer service team via customerservice@kooduu.com. We’re here to help you!  

Kooduu Synergy

Synergy S

Kooduu Nordic Light Pro

Synergy Pro

Nordic Light Pro

Kooduu Glow Candles

Shine LED candle

Lite-up Play


The Kooduu head office is located in the Netherlands